Thursday, 14 March 2013

Date night! #1

So I went on my first date, for this post I am going to call him beardy!
When he first messaged me obviously the first thing you do once you've read the message is look at his photos, my initial thought was hes not my type but he came across really nicely in his message.
I read further down his profile, I saw he was tall, which is a bit of a must for me as im 5'9", he lived in the same area as me, he had a car and a decent job and his bit of blurb about himself came across nicely! So why not, lets see what happens!
So we messaged for a bit, he was very friendly and I had a good feeling about him!
Now this is where, according to "the rules"  it could have gone slightly wrong (but I haven't read far enough yet!), we had been messaging for about four or five days and there was no sign of a date being set up, so after getting the opinion of two of my friends on him I messaged saying "so am I ever going to meet you in real life or are we just going to be behind the screen friends?" He messaged back almost straight away saying when are you free! According to the rules you are supposed to play hard to get, but I dont think you always have time to do that!
Once the date was arranged, I suggested a place to go which was fairly close to me, I got there first and I knew it woukd be quiet, nothing worse than walking in somewhere looking for someone! We were meeting at 7pm, he called at seven to say he was stuck in a bit of traffic so was running late, this would normally irritate me but I wasnt too bothered. When he arrived I was actually quite pleased, tall, nice build and decent on the eye......cha ching!
But once we got settled and chatted for a bit, it became clear to me that he wasn't for me, although he was really lovely his personality didn't quite match up to the way he was in his messages.
I put this down to him being a bit shy and hiding behind a computer screen can give you a bit of confidence?!
One other thing was he was very expessive with his facial expressions, which after a while I found myself mimicing! Oops
When I realised it was nearly ten and that I was starving I made my excuses and we called it a night,  we left it with a simple it was lovely to meet you and a kiss on the cheek....neither of us have made contact since!
On to the next......
Happy dating!
Grace xoxo

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

Hey guys,

So this Weight Loss Wednesday is all about fresh starts!
Over the past couple of months life has been a little stressful and I really needed to take some of the pressure off myself, so the only feesable way to do that was by taking a step back on the diet front.

I knew I had put some weight on after a medical issue towards the end of last year and once that had settled back down my weight was yo-yoing....ANNOYING!

So rather than get more stressed about it I thought I would take a break, celebrate my birthday guilt free and then go back this wednesday and Start a fresh! Strangely I am actually reallly looking forward to it so summer body I'm comming for ya!!

So I have been very organised, stocked the cupboards with weight watcher friendly foods and have an exercise plan in mind! Hopefully next week I will be writing about a good weight loss!

Have a great week!

Grace xoxo


Monday, 4 March 2013

Single Girl in the City

As a single girl it is a minefield out there when it comes to dating.....the possibilities are endless, or they used to be! There comes a point when you become the only single friend, this puts a completely different spin on things! Your friends all either want to desperately set you up with just about any single man they can find or you become a threat of some sort and are gradually left out in the cold! Ok ok, maybe I'm making it sound slightly more dramatic than it actually is but you get my drift....

So what is a girl supposed to do to find the single men? Online dating!

This in itself is a scary process as there are so many things to think about! You are literally putting yourself out there for all to see, what if someone you know comes across your profile? What if only weirdos contact you? What if no one contacts you? (Believe me that wont happen, but sometimes you may wish it had!), the questions are endless but if you dont try you won't know!

So I decided I would set up a profile on a well known site and see what happens!
You upload some pics, the best ones you can find obviously, write a bit about yourself and click go.....whats the worst that can happen?
This seems like it should be so simple but it never is is it?!
First off are all you multiple choice questions, eye colour, hair colour, height, are you a smoker, do you want children but then comes weight/body type??? Well this is every girls worst nightmare right? It gives you the option of slim, average, athletic, a few extra pounds or bbw (big beautiful woman).....well I would have liked the option of curvy as im not slim but also not bbw so I went for a few extra pounds, but then you worry will that put some people off, but if it does they were obviously too superficial but will it make you look like you are wanting people to say you are not over weight? Jeez I'm only on the first page and its stressful already!

Once you've managed all the little questions its time to think of a catchy title, something that will draw people to you but nothing too cringy or attention seeking!
And then its down to the good stuff, write about yourself! WTF! I hate that bit, you suddenly find yourself trying to figure out what your best attrbutes are, you try to write something that makes you sound fun and adventurous but not too adventurous as we all know that actually you prefer lounging around on the sofa catching up on hollyoaks on a sunday not really hiking in the woods!
You want to sound fun fearless and independent but not so much so that a poor guy doesnt stand a chance.
Actually what I want to write is a list of things I DON'T want in a man, a need not apply list if you like, but I don't think thats the done thing!
So thats it, youve filled it all out, you've put up your best pics and now you just sit back and wait for the one to send you a message.........
I will fill you in next time as to what my inbox bought!

Have you tried internet dating?

Grace xoxo

Sunday, 3 March 2013

I LOVE ME week #9

Hey Beauties,

This weeks challenge is about something called a Stress Bucket!

First of all, What is your Stress Bucket? Well it's an imaginary bucket that we collect all our stress in, it also has a tap on it. Our stress buckets as with any container can only hold a certain amount before it over flows, when comparing this to the way we deal with stress, we can only take so much before we explode or break down.
So how do we use our Stress Bucket? Well the idea is that we use the tap on the bucket to let go of some of the stress we are holding on to so that we are able to deal with things better. With stress we are able to deal with big things as normally there isn't much we can do about them so we have to let them run there course, but when we have a build up of small stresses we will often find that harder, and it will very often be something very small and trivial that actually causes a melt down! So by releasing some of your stress when you can feel it building up. How you choose to do this is completely up to you, it may be that you just go to a quiet place to go over stuff in your head, talk to someone, meditate, write it down, what ever you feel helps you to let go a bit. 
Once you have made space it means you will be able take more things on and be able to deal with them a little bit easier!

This is a good tool to use when you feel under lots of stress, it will simply give you a way to take a step back and let go.

Here is this weeks I Love Me Challenge video.....

Be Happy

Grace xoxo