Sunday, 10 February 2013

I LOVE ME Week #6

This weeks challenge is about something that is fast becoming a common occurance in people serching for their dreams, whether it be their dream life, dream career, dream man, the list goes on.

One thing a lot of us do is compare ourselves to others! Sometimes we compare ourselves to celebrities, our friends, other family members or even random strangers we see walking down the street. We can be comparing oursleves because we think they look better, they have a better job, they have an amazing boyfriend, they are the Queen Bee of their social group, they have amazing things......But and this is a big but,  it's not always as it seems!
All you need to remember is .....
"There is no comparison"
The reason there is no comparison is that you are you, there is only one you and that one you is fabulous (whether you believe it or not!). 

In my experience we tend to naturally have Facebook, Twitter and Istagram as our go to when something good happens, we got a great job, bought some amazing shoes, got chatted up by a hottie.....I know I am one of these people, and It's human nataure to want to share (brag) about these things, but the majority of us don't go to these outlets when something negitve happens (unless of course its specifically for the eyes of the person thats caused the negitive thing to happen.....that's a whole different game!). This is what I mean by It's not always as it seems! Your friend on facebook may seem like she lives a high fying life full of amazing things but does she? She probably updates her status with the good and avoids the bad and if she's anything like the rest of us, meaning  #SMUG, she was probly trying to keep up with the jone's as she will have been comparing herself to some one else! Do you see what I mean?

Any way, with all my rambling I'm sure you get what I'm saying, now what you have to do is try and stop comparing yourself to others. The danger of doing this is you are simply setting yourself up for upset. Ask yourself, Do you want the same things they do? Are they really as happy as they make out? What do you really want to achieve?
When you think about these answers It will make it easier to just be you! It's fine to use these people for some inspiration but only if you can do that in a positive way! I have had to do this recently and I have started to give myself a break and just be me! I hope you do too!

Here's this weeks I LOVE ME Challenge Video....

Have a great week.

Grace xoxo

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