Thursday, 11 August 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday - week 6!

Ok Ok, I know its not Wednesday, I forgot to do this post yesterday (and last week, but who's counting!!).
So this weeks weigh in is a combined weight loss for two weeks and the scales say......
That is 2lb last week and 1lb this week, which I am thrilled with! That's brings my grand total to -11lbs Last week was a bit of a test as I wasn't in control of all my meals through out the week due to eating at a friends one night and going out another, but for those of you who know about the weight watchers plan you have a spare 49 pro points a week that are there as your just in case points, this should help if you know you have a big night out planned or a meal at friends where you don't know what you are having. Well in the end the two meals turned out very healthy and pretty much on plan, but I did have a couple of treats that took me over my daily allowance but as you can see even when you use your spare points you can still lose weight!

I said I would put some healthy recipes on here a couple of weeks ago which I haven't but I promise I will!

Grace xx

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